Assembly Meetings Calendar

Committee meeting

Committee on Budget and Finances

Wednesday, 14.03.2018 11:00 in room C 203


1. Approval of the agenda;
2. Adoption of the minute of the meeting of the Committee, held on 7.03.2018;
3. The review of the recommendations of the working group regarding the wages of Kosovo Pensions Savings Trust;
4. Review of the Draft Law no. 05/L-021 on Public Internal Financial Control and amendments of the Functional Oversight Committee for Public Finances;
5. Review of the Draft Law no.06/L-031 on Pressure Equipment and amendments of the Functional Committee for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade, Industry and Regional Development;
6. Approval of the Report with recommendation of the Committee regarding the Draft Law no.06/L-023 on amending snd supplementing the Law No. 04/L-034 on Privatisation Agency of Kosovo, amended and supplemented by the Law No. 04/L-115 and the Law No. 05/L-080;
7. Review of the Mid-Term Expenditure Framework of the Kosovo Assembly, for the years 2019 - 2021;
8. Others.